3T Motorsport Wheels:
Kranze Bazreia       Kranze Chrishna          Kranze Vishunu
WEDS Sport Wheels
SA-67R               SA-70                TC105N

Shadow Sport Design has designed and created race oriented

and tested parts for the true street and racing enthusiast. 

Each piece was made with the intent for true performance. 

The rear wing, front diffuser, and brake cooling ducts

were created out of Dry Carbon while the 20 inch wheels

are forged Magnesiumfor strength and lightnessweighing

in at a paltry 9.8kg. eachfront and 10.6kg each rear.

Be prepared to raise your R-35 GT-R to the next level

of looks and performance.

We are now supplying aftermarket parts and accessories for the JDM market. The majority of our parts are direct from Japan.

Let 3T Motorsport be your source for JDM, OEM, and after-market parts for your Import cars



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